The Storm Wardens Project

A group of talented Warhammer 40K model painters and bloggers got together to build an awesome, powerful and beautifully painted Space Marine Army, based on a new chapter: The Storm Wardens.
Readers can donate money to the project and have a chance at receiving this amazing army. The collected money will be gifted to Doctors without Borders.
This web page highlights the finished models of the army and all the extras created and donated by the awesome companies that have helped us with this. This site will be taken down when the project is over.
John and Mike, Santa Cruz Warhammer

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Additional Storm Wardens Drawing Prizes

Forge World Eldar Vampire Hunter - Kirk from Siegeworld

Limited edition deck of custom 40K cards, B&C patch - The guys at Bolter & Chainsword

Badger 175 dual action airbrush - Santa Cruz Warhammer

$50 Credit at the Secret Weapon webstore - Justin at Secret Weapon Miniatures

Chaos Deamon Prince and Chaos Marine Codex - Mik from Miks Minis, and the Barter Bucket

2 Tickets to Games Day USA - Jawa Balls, Ron From The Warp


  1. Taking into account that the money collecting is already over, this is exceptionally nice to increase the gifts pool...

  2. Wow, those B&C cards are fantastic! I would buy those if they were available.