The Storm Wardens Project

A group of talented Warhammer 40K model painters and bloggers got together to build an awesome, powerful and beautifully painted Space Marine Army, based on a new chapter: The Storm Wardens.
Readers can donate money to the project and have a chance at receiving this amazing army. The collected money will be gifted to Doctors without Borders.
This web page highlights the finished models of the army and all the extras created and donated by the awesome companies that have helped us with this. This site will be taken down when the project is over.
John and Mike, Santa Cruz Warhammer

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Finished Storm Wardens Miniatures

Here is a shot of all the completed models "together" as a complete army. As more models are finished, the image will be updated to include them.

Below you will find the finished models for the Storm Wardens Space Marine Army. All the shoulder pads and emblems were custom sculpted and cast for this project. We mention each artist with the unit that they donated and painted. Towards the bottom are all the other donated prizes (by really good people).

Captain (Command Squad)- John (Santa Cruz Warhammer)

Librarian- Brien Dulaney, (Dulanis Miniatures)

Chaplain- Brien Dulaney, (Dulanis Miniatures)

Company Standard Bearer (Command Squad)- Ron Saikowski (From The Warp)

Champion (Command Squad)- Chris (Jawaballs)

Apothecary, Without Borders (Command Squad) - John ( Santa Cruz Warhammer)

Veteran Brother Landes (Command Squad)- Mik, ( Mik's Minis )

Veteran Brother Gaither (Command Squad)- John ( Santa Cruz Warhammer)

Tactical Squad- Chris (Jawaballs)

Tactical Squad- Pat ( Senji Studios )

Captain and Tactical Squad- Mack Martin and Ross Watson ( Fantasy Flight Games)

Sternguard Veteran Squad- Dave ( Dave Taylor Miniatures )

Assault Terminator Squad- Ron Saikowski (From The Warp)

Devastator Squad -John ( Santa Cruz Warhammer)

Forge World Venerable Dreadnought- John (Santa Cruz Warhammer)

Bike Squad- John (Santa Cruz Warhammer)

Land Speeder (with magnetized weapons) - John (Santa Cruz Warhammer)

Rhino- Chris (Jawaballs)

Razorback- John (Santa Cruz Warhammer)

Vindicator- Mike (Santa Cruz Warhammer)

Land Raider Crusader- Drathmere ( 40k Hobby Blog )

Land Raider - Justin (

Drop Pods- Dave Taylor (Dave Taylor Miniatures, donated by his local store Games and Stuff)

Custom Storm Wardens Templates- Gale Force Nine

24 Custom Storm Wardens Dice- Chessex

Custom Storm Wardens Marker set - Silver Compass Designs

B&C patch - The guys at Bolter & Chainsword

Army Transport Case- Romeo ( Battlefoam )

Custom hand printed and very limited edition Storm Wardens T shirt- John (Santa Cruz Warhammer)

A 10 man Tactical Space Marine box set, with 10 custom cast resin shoulder pads and 10 Secret Weapon Miniatures resin bases.

Storm Wardens paint set- Lionel Miranda ( X Planet Games )

Mechanicon 40K GT Entry Ticket - Tony and the crew ( Mechanicon )

Adepticon Weekend Convention Badge - Hank and the Council ( Adepticon )

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  1. Nice posting. I will have Dave shoot the final shots on the Librarian and the Chaplain tonight when I see him! Cheers -B